jason wallengren




critiques the individual and collective memory in current societal setups
rooted in 2 locations at once, physically and cerebrally

interested in contemporary diachotamys and conspiracies
exposes an inverted reality in todays world

seriality and methodology account for a documentary method
deposits his own observations and experiences into Daily Journals

not limited to materials and processes
photography, drawing, collage, sculpture, works on paper, video, installation

blurs the lines between mediums to avoid compartmentalization
practice thus becomes cyclical

through travel & movement comes an understanding and interpretation of humanity
uses the vernacular of architecture as a basis for cultural mirroring

maps the cultural landscape of information exchange
newspaper imagery represents an immediate account of the past shown today

artistic activity is made by non-chronological connections
presents simultaneous views of the present and past

located in the New York City area

Jason installing When Memory Matters for the exhibition SO NAH, SO FERN (So close, So far away). 2013